211220 Ikuta Erika’s Blog “Graduation Concert〜♪600”

The gradcon for two days
was safely finished few days ago.

To those who came
and those who watched the live stream
thank you very much!!

I put my utmost effort for the concerts
like there wasn’t any thing left for me to do as an idol
and I felt a lot of warmths from everyone.

It’s sad but
I’ve gotten sent off in such blissful way
so I have to be proud and move forward.

I had lots of fun! I really love it! Thank you!!!

With everyone

With 4th gen members (performing) “I see…”

With 3rd gen members (performing) “Sanbanme no Kaze”

With 2nd gen members (performing) “Anastasia”

With Manatsu (performing) “Muhyoujou”

With Asu, Maaya, and Chima (performing) “Guuzen wo Iiwake ni shite”

With Minami (performing) “Koko janai Doko ka”

Last solo song, “Toki no Wadachi”

Last choir, “Kimi no Na wa Kibou”

(There are still many photos but) I can’t post them all. Every single of them is precious memory to me.

I felt burnt out for a while (lol)
I will continue as Nogizaka (‘s member) until end of year!

11 days left
I want to spend if engraving the days with everyone.

I can’t meet fans anymore but,
I will think of everyone until the very last moment.

I’ll do my best until Kouhaku!

Let’s go through the year safely together!


Original post

Please, I stopped my hand when I was translating this part,

I can't meet fans anymore but,

Why did she have to write that…?

We can still see each other in the future, right? …right? ; _ ;

Alright, sorry, I was too dramatic. But I’m kinda sensitive with those words. Just so you know.




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