Ikuta Erika’s Last Speech from Graduation Concert and Letter from Graduation Photobook

|Graduation Speech

Today will be my last stage as Nogizaka46.

Once this encore ends, it will be a farewell with fans.
There’s still 2 weeks left until I graduate.

Thank you for everyone who has been watching over me for 10 years.
I didn’t think I would have come this far until 10 years.

Everyone (members) is now calling me someone who is loud and high spirited in greenroom. But before, I was someone who hard to be approached. I didn’t know how to communicate with juniors when they joined.

That was me during early days but now I laugh a lot and love to talk. I really love Nogizaka46.

I think thanks to everyone who helped me change (my character).
During as an active member, it hadn’t been always fun, but also difficult times. However, to think that those usual daily lives will disappear, I feel lonely.

Fans weren’t only supporting me, but they’re also worried about me like parents. We laughed and cried together.

I sometimes have arguments with managers. But we kept on running up to this day.

I know I’m an unreliable senior. But before I know it, my juniors started to come at me to get spoiled. I got a lot of help from junior members.

As for 1st generation members, they seemed annoyed by my weird skinship. But they always come close to me.
Thanks to these warm people that I could spend my time happily.

I can’t name everything (they’ve done to me), but I want to convey my gratitude to everyone who involved.

Thank you very much for 10 years.

|Last Letter from Graduation Photobook

To everyone,

Thank you for spending
10 years together.

Of course it wasn’t always a flat road
that we have come this far together.

However, when I’m reminiscing about it, every moment was important to me.
a beautiful scenery was always there. And I’m able to love it.

It’s probably because, whenever something was broken or missing,
everyone’s warmth was always there to protect me.

I won’t forget about that.
And I wish I’ll be that existence (won’t be forgotten) to everyone.

If you miss me, take a look at this memorial book
while listening to Nogizaka’s songs or watching everyone’s photos or videos.

I will always be there.

And then, I’m looking forward to a new me and a new everyone to meet someday in the future.
Let’s moving forward together.

Please take care until the day we meet again.

I will always wish for your happiness.

December, 2021
Nogizaka46 Ikuta Erika

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