Read Me First

Hello, there!
Welcome to Ikuta Erika a.k.a Ikuchan (and Nogizaka46) fansite!

Before you go to explore this site, please spare a few moments to read notes below.

  1. We, contributors of this site, have no relations with any Nogizaka46 staff(s). This website is built personally with ‘sharing is caring’ as the main purpose.
  2. We, contributors of this site, have never scanned any of articles and/or recorded any of TV shows by ourselves. The contents that have scanlations and/or videos in them are from various sources.
  3. Some posts in this site are similar with the ones in They are originally exported from there and they will continue to co-exist.
  4. Since this site is built by personal fund, please bear with the ads if you cannot donate.
  5. We, contributors of this site, will not publish any of paid contents such as Mobame etc.
  6. For all the translation contents in this site are originally in Japanese. Translators here are not sworn translators so the translations are not 100% correct. Kindly use our translations as reference only.
  7. Feel free if you want to share our contents elsewhere. But remember to link back or credit us.

That’s all (for now). I hope you will enjoy your stay here.


Best regards, staff

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