211231 Ikuta Erika’s Blog “Last Blog〜♪602”

Thank you very much 2021.
It’s new year soon.

And also, I will graduate from Nogizaka46.

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211227 Ikuta Erika’s Blog “Nogizaka Under Construction〜♪601”

NogiDoko and NUC
the TV program which I was really taken care of
all recordings are done.

To be able to film at a location filming with Bananaman-san
and shed tears seeing funny members.
It was really fun~

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211220 Ikuta Erika’s Blog “Graduation Concert〜♪600”

The gradcon for two days
was safely finished few days ago.

To those who came
and those who watched the live stream
thank you very much!!

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Ikuta Erika’s Blog English Translation (2018.04.20)

Les Miserables 2019~ ♪531

Good evening

Les Misérables 2019
The role of Cosette
I got to play her role once again!

Before, I was just a newcomer and I was one of the youngest
But now, I’ve become a little bit of a senpai…

While I get to take pleasure working in this field again
Being able to dig deeper and to feel new many things
I want to experience these things as well.

It is still early
But those who missed it
And those who want to watch it again and again
Please do come and visit the theater ♪

I’ll be looking forward to it.



Yesterday, I appeared on Monitoring
Maiyan and I experienced being pranked with spirits for the first time!
It was scary… >_<
But I’ve become relieved after knowing the truth~

Because of licking the rock salt too much
The next day, I feel like my face has gone swelling… lol


Jacket cover offshoot ♡

Erika (。・∀・。)☆彡

Ikuta Erika’s Blog English Translation (2018.04.15)

Mezamashi Live in Yatsushiro~ ♪530

Good evening

Yesterday, I participated in Mezamashi Country Live Tour in Yatsushiro representing the LesMis Company!

This event wishes for the recovery of Kumamoto from the earthquake it has experienced.

There’s this song of LesMis that tells about people believing in tomorrow and living their lives to the fullest
I participated in this event carrying a feeling of wanting to deliver a power to the people even just a little bit through this song.

“A Heart Full of Love”
And “Do you hear the people sing?” with a choir!

Together with the nostalgic members of LesMis,
We sang with the Yatsushiro Junior High School Choir Club
I’m so happy ♪

And also, in this choir
There’s a certain person who was singing in the center…
Please watch Mezamashi TV tomorrow if you want to know more about it (o^^o)

With LesMis



I met Kumamon!
It was so cute~


From top
① What pose should we do?
② Synchro!
③ Synchro!
④ Yay! As expected, Kumamon!

I had a great time.

Everyone who came to the event
And those who planned and participated in it
Thank you so much!

Erika (。・∀・。)☆彡