Nogi_Satsu Vol. 51 Translation

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Nogisatsu is full of off-shot photos.
Members’ natural faces were taken and publicized here this week as well!

Weekly Photographers-01
Group’s first Office Lady Concurrent Idol – Shinuchi Mai
“I’m addicted to watch videos of solid soap gets shave off by knife and peeler. The sound of shaving is making me calm. Maybe I have a sound fetish!?” 1st photobook 『Doko ni Iru no?』(Koubunsha) is on sale.

Weekly Photographers-02
Fair-skinned girl from Tohoku -Kubo Shiori
“I’m having a co-starring with some former Takarazuka actresses in ‘Three Sisters’ stage play. They are looking so cool that makes me want to try to watch Takarazuka.” She is an executive model of fashion magazine 『Seventeen』

Weekly Photographers-03
Performing artist -Wakatsuki Yumi
“I only watched 10 stage plays last year, so I’m planning to go watch various plays this year. As for my target, 50 stage plays to watch!” 1st photobook 『Palette』is on sale.


Hori Miona
Miona who is wearing a pajama and relaxed. She is also playing by making a mustache. 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Akimoto Manatsu・Nishino Nanase
While saying “You’re like a baby”, Manatsu is touching Naachan’s head. 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Sakurai Reika・Mukai Hazuki
Mukai often falls asleep when having a make-up. Maybe because of her growth period. 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Shiraishi Mai・Takayama Kazumi
Kazumin knows well about palm reading. She said that I have pervert line…(lol). 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Yoda Yuki
Yoda had an appearance as Matryoshka doll in a TV program. Her role was the smallest one. 📷 Kubo Shiori

Iwamoto Renka
Renka is always being vigorous since morning. On this day of handshake event, she was eating cup noodles. 📷 Kubo Shiori

Akimoto Manatsu
She tried several poses, but in the end, she chose the usual cunning pose. 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Sakaguchi Tamami
Things inside Tama-chan’s pouch are so girly. She has a high femininity. 📷 Kubo Shiori

Sato Kaede・Umezawa Minami
A combination of best buddies onee-sans in 3rd gen. Minami is excel in rolling hair. 📷 Kubo Shiori

Matsumura Sayuri
・Nishino Nanase
Osaka’s old ladies’ specialty fashion is?
There was an appearance of Kansai origins who were supporting Tendo Yoshimi-san’s performance in “NHK Kouhaku Utagassen”. From Nogizaka46, Mattsun and Naachan were participated because they are also from Kansai. During the performance, they were wearing animal patterned clothes as the specialty of Osaka’s old ladies and they were standing out (lol). By the way, Mattsun is usually doing dumb things and taking some comedy acts on the TV, but actually her true nature is a diligent type so she often being a retorting role. As for Naachan, she often retorts with a small voice.  It’s not “What the heck! (Nandeyanen!)” but instead, “Like hell I’d do that” or so like that with a small voice (lol). 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
#OsakaLadies #AnimalPatterns

Shiraishi Mai・Takayama Kazumi
Did you brush your teeth well?
Whenever Mai-chan found a member who were brushing their teeth, she always said, “♪Let Shiraishi-san do the finishing touch~”. She said that while singing and helped brushing (lol). This day’s target was Kazumin. Kazumin who was being shy is also cute. 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Saito Asuka
Please pay attention to the fast moves dancing in the CM
She was wearing a stuffed bear costume in “Baitoru” CM and she was unusually high there. If we knew that a beautiful girl is inside the costume, we might be shocked, right? 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Nogi_Satsu Vol. 50 Translation

Translation: inchan
Raw text provider: inchan
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Scanlation source: 2ch


These photos could be captured because it was members who captured them.
Let’s reveal members’ rare true nature here!

Weekly Photographers-01
A beautiful woman with 170cm height and outstanding looks ― Umezawa Minami
“When I was in high school, I went to see Tokyo Girls Collection. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Shiraishi-san who walks along the runway! I have always been adoring her since then.”
She is often being entrusted as MC among the 3rd generation members.

Weekly Photographers-02
Group’s first Office Lady Concurrent Idol – Shinuchi Mai
“I have turned 26 y.o. There is no late to start anything in life. To me as well, I want to keep challenging myself from now on.”
Her 1st photobook ‘Doko ni Iru no?’ (Koubunsha) is on sale.

Weekly Photographers-03
A character who acts cute and wants to be loved – Akimoto Manatsu
“I’m planning to buy a recorder to record some TV shows. I have one in my house, but there are too many shows that I want to watch so I need more spaces!”
She is often appearing in some TV shows.

Ozono Momoko
She’s using my thighs as pillow and “Can I sleep here?” she said. She is fawning on me 📷 Umezawa Minami

Inoue Sayuri
Sayunyan came to my radio show as guest. The badmouthing talk is amusing 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Umezawa Minami・Yoda Yuki・Iwamoto Renka
Yoda Woman With B appeared in handshake event. Three of them are so cute! 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Sakurai Reika・Saito Yuuri
These two are playing trump speed. Reika-chan is so weak (lol) 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Yoda Yuki
Yoda has a little sister image, but she is treated like a pet among 3rd gen members (lol) 📷 Umezawa Minami

Saito Yuri
We had a shoot wearing school uniform so she did a Gal pose to me 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Yamashita Mizuki
Mizuki is a passionate and diligent type, but her cool facial expression is also good 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Akimoto Manatsu・Wakatsuki Yumi
“Let’s just move our bodies for now!” they said and started a weird warming up before show 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Kubo Shiori
I was aiming a moment when she eats, but I managed to capture when she stuck her tongue out! 📷 Umezawa Minami


Shiraishi Mai・Wakatsuki Yumi・Matsumura Sayuri
A human pyramid suddenly appeared in lesson room
In lesson room, when Mattsun and Waka were lying down, Maiyan came in! Out of the blue, she climbed up onto both of their backs and a gymnastic just happened (lol). Three of them were appearing in ‘Asahinagu’, so perhaps they wanted to convey the “passion in sport” or “tenacity in sport’? By the way, they were discussing, “What kind of expression we should do?” with serious mode on their faces. They really did their best just for the sake of this picture!  I need to study from them how to be all out even in making fun. 📷 Shinuchi Mai
#Gymnastic #Pyramid #Adultsseriousness

Nishino Nanase
Shutter chance for her defenseless sleeping face!
Naachan often sleeps remain seated without covering her face. On top of it, mostly with earphone plugged in listening to music, so she can’t hear the shutter sound of the camera. That’s why Naachan’s sleeping face is easy to capture 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Saito Asuka
The trick is to have a lover’s POV
The trick to take a cute photo of Asuka is to have a lover’s POV. Whenever I pointed a camera to her she always pulled out a dislike face, but here I imagined, “Don’t be so stubborn, just be honest already!” as if I’m her boyfriend before I take the photo (lol). With that, I captured a piece with girlfriend mood from her! 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Maiyan x Wakatsuki Yumi “Asahinagu” Special Talk – Ray November 2017 Issue

Two people who played the same role as “Miyaji Maharu” in film and stage…
Maiyan x Wakatsuki Yumi “Asahinagu” Special Talk
“Asahinagu Collaboration”, which has become popular last month issue, the 2nd collaboration project is here! This time, to celebrate the release of the movie, Wakatsuki Yumi of Nogizaka46 who played the same role as “Miyaji Maharu” on the stage play, will be welcomed as a guest, and we will deliver their talk with Ray. What is “Asahinagu” for both of them? Maharu, who was played by those two, what could be her charm point? Such questions, their conversation were discussed thoroughly.  
“She, who only speaks few words, but her every word holds very powerful meanings! A feminine but has a cool aura; this is Maharu’s charm point.” – Shiraishi
“Maharu’s seriousness to Naginatais something that I admire.” – Wakatsuki
Strong and dignified Naginata, what does the two girls thought towards Maharu’s charm?
– First of all, how was your impression watching each other acting out as “Miyaji Maharu”?
Wakatsuki: As I watch the film where Maiyan’s scene appeared, I told myself, “So Maharu-ish!” *laughs*.  She was able to express Maharu’s charming point well. If my kind of Miharu is “strong”, then I think Maiyan’s Miharu is “calm”. There are a lot of things that I can’t do, which includes the way Maharu expresses herself, I thought that I should have acted it like that, but I watched the film just after the stage play ended… I regret that I couldn’t make it *laughs*. So frustrating!
Shiraishi: Thanks. Maharu in the stage play was really strong, she was pretty cool. Our Maharu have plenty of similarities but when it comes to the stage play, she is exceptionally stronger, she was still able to express how feminine and cool is Maharu.
Or maybe actually I was only seeing Maharu when I came to watch the stage play *laughs*
Wakatsuki: Hihi *laughs*. I understand you!
Shiraishi: It’s just my gaze was being spontaneously pursuing Maharu since she is the role I’m playing! Don’t you think so?
– Have you felt that you are somewhat similar to Maharu?
Shiraishi: I think working hard and taking up challenges to achieve goals is our similarity. 
Wakatsuki: Now that you’ve said it, you’re indeed right. Well, I’m not good in English so I think we share the same characteristic there *laughs*.
Shiraishi: I’m also that type of person, that’s why I can relate *laughs*. I’m bad in English~
Wakatsuki: I was actually called for supplementary lessons before, I feel nostalgic *laughs* Unlike Maharu who continued holding Naginata when she was 7 years old, I haven’t experienced continuing something I did when I was a little, so I really admire her a lot for having such strong feelings.
Shiraishi: Maharu is that type of person who only speaks few words, but her every word holds very powerful meanings. I don’t have that kind of characteristic. I admit that she’s really cool. Also, she doesn’t tell anyone whenever she is troubled and I think we’re kind of similar in that part. I understand how hard it is to think about your worries all alone, that’s why when I see a kouhai troubled, I try approaching them.
Wakatsuki: Maiyan is really super kind, you know *laughs*. Kouhais are being saved.
Shiraishi: Stop it, it’s embarrassing *laughs*.
–  Do you have any characters you want to play besides Maharu in “Asahinagu”?
Shiraishi: Since the roles of other members suit them, I don’t have any confidence in acting other roles *laughs*.
Wakatsuki: Of course, Maharu is the one that I want the most, but I also want to try Ichidou Nene (Movie Version – Ikuta Erika). It’s not only because she is scary, but because she creates conflict that causes drama. And I think that kind of role is very worth doing.
–  Lastly, what kind of work is “Asahinagu” for both of you?
Wakatsuki: There are a lot of lines that helped me, or maybe it’s just that I can reflect on those lines during the production. When Maharu and the others went for Summer Training Camp to practice, which is very intense that you could die, under Jukei-san (Movie Version – Eguchi Noriko), she said “It’s easy to compliment someone using words, but you will forget those words within just three days. Those who have experienced enduring something without quitting will definitely become a pillar that supports their life.” I felt that that line calls for me.
Shiraishi: I also like the lines. The main character Asahi (Movie Version – Nishino Nanase) gets stronger little by little and Maharu is starting to change, I think that part is great. Having friends is so nice.
Wakatsuki: Yeah, I really understand that!
Shiraishi: When we were filming the movie, I was able to realize that each one of us was able to grow through the photographing session. As for Naginata, everyone started from zero, and in the last photographing session, we have improved so
much that we are in a level where could already compete in a match. I want people to see our growth in the theater *laughs*.
Wakatsuki: Me too, I also want to see them in the theater again once more.
Maiyan Special Message
I think the highlight of “Asahinagu” is the growth of the main character Asahi. At first, we can see that Asahi is still dependent, but in the end, we can see how amazing she had become. Looking at Asahi working hard as she makes everyone “gets involved” in a good way, I think that is the most appealing part of the story. My role, Miyaji Maharu who truly loves Naginata. At first glance, she looks like a perfect senpai, but she’s actually bad at studying. With that kind of gap, it’s not only about crying, there are also many parts where you will laugh in “Asahinagu”, so I’d like you to pay attention. Especially, scenes of Adviser Kobayashi-sensei (Nakamura Tomoya) where you would really burst into laughter, we even had many retakes just to fix the scenes. Kobayashi-sensei’s scenes were all ad lib though, we tried hard to hold back our laugh *laughs*. While
imagining that as you watch the movie, I wonder if you’ll enjoy it more. 
Active student readers of Ray, as well as those graduates already, this movie is for all of you to enjoy your youthful days. Please enjoy your youth to the fullest at the theater. 
 Translator: ikuuudon
Raw text provider: inchan
Check and revisions: inchan
Scanlation: unknown source

The Pieces of My Happiness (6-June-2017)

Hi, all!

Inchan here.

I’m not making a full comeback to this blog yet, but since there are some things that made me happy in this late (12:25 AM, local time), I’ll write them down here.

So, I found this scanlation of NOGI_SATSU Vol.014 from 2ch

(Credit to the uploader. This photo is NOT mine)

Actually I’m currently in sleep-deprived mode since yesterday night but I discovered some things that made my tiredness flew away.

Let me highlight the ones which made me feel so happy.

First, this one.

[Shiraishi Mai]         [Wakatsuki Yumi]

These two are frequently together. Strong desire to improve oneself is their mutual.
(Photo by: Akimoto Manatsu)



I…think this is new to me.
Indeed these two’s ambition is kinda alike. I mean, both of them are very diligent and responsible to their works. But the thing that they’re together quite frequently is surprising to me.

I would love to see them together in an interview or even radio program. Talking about how they proceed their work or maybe talking the future of Nogizaka. Someone please ask staff-san for me. (If they already did one or two, kindly inform me)


Up next,

[Ikuta Erika]

My oshimen. Do your best for “Les Misérables” musical!
Photo by: Shiraishi Mai




Okay, calm your horses, self!

I was about to fall asleep while waiting for the scanlation to be loaded. But the moment I read that Maiyan took the photo, I FULLY AWAKE! I almost gasped so loud but thanks to the agility of my hand. It quickly covered my mouth. If not, I might wake my friends up (currently on sleepover ww).

Let’s get back and focus on the words “My oshimen” in the caption.
As far as I could dig in, Maiyan chose Ikuchan as her oshimen since the early days of Nogizaka. I found it from a magazine scanlation and a web portal interview. But I won’t write the details because I’m heating it up for my future blog post :3

Maybe it just me, but…okay. First, let me use my one of linguistic knowledge; pragmatics, to analyze the words of “My oshimen”.

I can feel the nuance that Maiyan is very proud of Ikuchan. Ikuchan is appearing in Japan’s and worldwide’s well known musical “Les Misérables”. It’s like Maiyan were implying, “Choosing Ikuchan as my oshimen is the right choice” or “Everyone, this multi-talented member of Nogizaka IS my oshimen”.

Well, those are merely my hypothesis. Please don’t take it seriously. Viva free-speech!

The thing is…it’s my relief that Maiyan didn’t oshihen to other member. Well, she almost did to Minami but i think Minami became her ni-oshi (2nd oshimen) ww.


Last one,


I just watched some bonus footage from the 3rd album. I watched this from “Nonaka’s Douga (Video)”.




It’s waaaaaay too beautiful that I might cry…


But if I cry,

It will worsen my runny nose.


Well, then.

I can barely open my eyes now. My apology if there are some mistypes in this blog post.
I’m typing in a room with the lights off.


See you again!

Ikuta Erika's 2017 Seitansai Project (Wakatsuki Yumi)

Okay, first of all, let me say this;

I apologize to every WakaRei or WakaNana or WakaNanaRei (ShichiGatsuSakura 七月桜) shippers out there because I once ever paired Ikuchan with Wakatsuki. m(_ _)m

Continue reading “Ikuta Erika's 2017 Seitansai Project (Wakatsuki Yumi)”