[TR] Yukirin Live Phone Call

This is requested by @AtsuJo (on twitter)

So here comes my crappy translation!

Kojipa, Amina and Sae are waiting for someone to pick their call.

Sae: I think she will pick the call.

Kojipa: Yeah.

Amina: I think so.

Sae: Please be awake!

Sae: Who will pick up our call~?

Sae: I wonder if she’s listening to our broadcast~

Kojipa: Good morning~

Kojipa: Oh! It’s connected~!

Sae: This person doesn’t have a waiting-to-be-picked-up song.

Sae, Amina, Kojipa: Oh!!

Person on the phone line (POTPL): Hello?

Sae: Woaaaah!

Kojipa: Ooh!

Sae & Kojipa: Hello?

POTPL: Yes, hello?

Sae: Oh, wait a minute. Uhh… We are calling from Japan’s radio broadcast live. Do you know it?

POTPL: ….oh.

Sae, Amina, Kojipa: *laughs*

Sae: What are you doing?

POTPL: …eh?

Sae: Were you sleeping?

Kojipa: Eh?

POTPL: …uhm…

Sae: Do you understand this? What are you doing?

POTPL: ….good evening.

Kojipa, Amina, Sae: *laughs in confusion* Good evening.

Sae: Is she sleep-talking now?

POTPL: ….good evening.

Kojipa: Do you know us?

POTPL: ….i…do…

Sae: You can tell who are we?

POTPL: ….huh?

Kojipa, Amina: Guess who~?

Sae: It’s me!

POTPL: …’me’? Sae-chan?

Sae: Ooooh!

Kojipa: Then how about me, Kashiwagi-chan!

POTPL is now known as Yukirin: ….eh? ‘Kashiwagi’…?

Kojipa: Oops, I said her name!

*everyone laughs*

Kojipa: Aaaaaaaa~~!!!

Sae: Wait a secs, who are you?

Kojipa: The listeners couldn’t see her so I think they don’t know who we’re calling right now. *laughs*

Yukirin: There is only one person who calls me with “Kashiwagi” and that person is Kojima-san. *laughs*

Kojipa: Correct! That’s correct but I don’t really understand. ((ASAKSJDF KOJIPAAAAA!!))

Amina: Then who am I~?

Yukirin: ….eh?

Amina: Who am I~?

Yukirin: ….who?

Kojipa, Sae: *laughs*

Amina: Who am I~???

Yukirin: Uhm…

Amina: You’re always come and touch my stomach, right?

Yukirin: Oh! Sato Amina-chan.

Amina: Why did you notice me based on that!

*everyone laughs*

Sae: And so? What’s your name?

Yukirin: Uhm, my name is Kashiwagi Yuki.

Kojipa, Sae, Amina: Yukirin~~~

Yukirin: Hello, there.

Sae: It’s very rare that you’ve got a phone call from here. (? > not really sure about this one)

Yukirin: I was often picking calls from there. This is All Night Nippon, right?

Sae, Kojipa: Yes this is~

Sae: You know?

Yukirin: Oh! Uhm, I was planning to listen to it until a while ago.

Sae, Kojipa: Hm…

Yukirin: I didn’t know since when…I stopped listening.

Sae: You didn’t remember when?

Yukirin: I don’t know since when but I listened to a song. The title is “Watashi wa kore ga dekiru koto” or something like that.

Sae: What’s that?

Yukirin: “Watashi ga kore ga” or something like that.

Sae: Oh, right! “Kimi shika dekinai koto”. Yukirin, are you okay? Your voice sounds cracked. This is so unusual of you.

Yukirin: Well, yeah. My voice is broken lately.

Sae, Kojipa, Amina: Aaaaa…

Sae: That’s happened a lot, right?

Yukirin: Yeah…

Sae: Are you okay?

Yukirin: I’m okay. Don’t worry.

Sae: Really? By the way, we said it earlier about our topic tonight; “Yukirin ni shika dekinai koto” (The things that Yukirin can only do). Do you have any?

Yukirin: Oh. Okay, I get it. You guys heard it earlier, uhm…monomane. (Monomane=mimicking something)

Amina: You let us heard your monomane?

Kojipa: It was earlier!

Yukirin: Very well then. Please listen to my monomane carefully. I’ll mimic a sheep.

Sae: WHAT? You’ll mimic its voice??

Yukirin: Yeah.

Sae: Alright, alright. Go on then.

Yukirin: A sheep monomane.

Sae: A countdown to Yukirin’s sheep monomane.

Sae, Kojipa, Amina: 3, 2, 1!!!

Yukirin: *mimics a sheep’s voice*

Kojipa, Amina, Sae: *laughs*

Sae: Your voice was too loud! That’s the loudest voice I think.

Yukirin: Yeah. I put a lot of effort doing that.

Kojipa: Good job~ good job~

Sae: Great! As expected from Yukirin.

Yukirin: Oh, stop it…

Sae: Are you going to wake up very early tomorrow?

Yukirin: Tomorrow early—we have a same schedule tomorrow.

Kojipa, Amina: Yeah, with everyone too.

Kojipa: It’s very early, right?

Yukirin: I know, right?

Sae: Yukirin, make sure you’ll sleep properly.

Yukirin: Oh, thank you. But I’ll keep listening to your broadcast after this.

Sae: Shouldn’t you go to sleep after this? It will be bad for your throat if you sleep late. You have to be feeling better tomorrow.

Yukirin: Thank you very much.

Sae: Oh, yeah. Try to put on green onions around your neck to cure your sore throat before you sleep. (Reference)

Kojipa: I haven’t seen anyone did that method!

Sae: Really? *laughs*

Kojipa: But I’ve heard about that.

Amina: Me too. My Grandma told me.

Sae: Right, right. Wrap some green onions to your neck.

Yukirin: I see… Wrap it…

Sae: Yeah. You must do it, okay?

Kojipa: No~~ I don’t want to see Yukirin like that!

Sae, Yukirin: *laughs*

Sae: Please take care of yourself, okay?

Yukirin: Thank you

Amina, Kojipa, Sae: Oyasumiiiiii~~

Yukirin: Okaaaaay.

Sae: She’s a good girl.

*Amina and Kojipa agreed*

Sae: It’s so unusual to heard Yukirin with that kind of voice, right? It somehow makes me worried.

Kojipa: More importantly, is Yukirin usually doing monomane?

Sae: No, she doesn’t!

Kojipa: This is the first time I heard her doing monomane.

Sae: And she offered by herself; “I’ll mimic a sheep voice.”

Kojipa, Sae: *laughs*

Amina: Maybe she did it because she was half awake.

Kojipa: I was shocked that she really did it!

Sae, Amina, Kojipa: blahblahblah ((I couldn’t get what they said on the last part. Sorry))