[ Maiyan’s 2018 Seitansai Project ] 100 Questions About Maiyan (Index)

Hello everyone! Long time no post.

Well, I do realize that I’m being a negligence again. And it’s playing on loop in my fan life.

BUT! Rather than reflecting myself and doing nothing, please let me retry to build my interest and will to continue working in this website.

So, I wonder if you guys still remember my tweet below.

Yes. I said that on Maiyan’s day this year. So it was roughly 3 months ago.

Better late than never.

Here I present you some translations of Ray May 2018 Issue (Extra) – Mai Memorial Book!

This issue was Maiyan’s last appearance as Ray exclusive model. The extra issue is full of quality contents so I want to share to you all by translating it. I was straying away way too far from Nogi fandom so I don’t know if there is already someone out there who translated it. I just want to finish what I’ve started so by all means, please enjoy reading my translations!


Ray 2018 May Extra Issue
Shiraishi Mai Graduation Album
Ray x Mai Shiraishi
2013 – 2018

100 Questions About Maiyan
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


The Pieces of My Happiness (6-June-2017)

Hi, all!

Inchan here.

I’m not making a full comeback to this blog yet, but since there are some things that made me happy in this late (12:25 AM, local time), I’ll write them down here.

So, I found this scanlation of NOGI_SATSU Vol.014 from 2ch

(Credit to the uploader. This photo is NOT mine)

Actually I’m currently in sleep-deprived mode since yesterday night but I discovered some things that made my tiredness flew away.

Let me highlight the ones which made me feel so happy.

First, this one.

[Shiraishi Mai]         [Wakatsuki Yumi]

These two are frequently together. Strong desire to improve oneself is their mutual.
(Photo by: Akimoto Manatsu)



I…think this is new to me.
Indeed these two’s ambition is kinda alike. I mean, both of them are very diligent and responsible to their works. But the thing that they’re together quite frequently is surprising to me.

I would love to see them together in an interview or even radio program. Talking about how they proceed their work or maybe talking the future of Nogizaka. Someone please ask staff-san for me. (If they already did one or two, kindly inform me)


Up next,

[Ikuta Erika]

My oshimen. Do your best for “Les Misérables” musical!
Photo by: Shiraishi Mai




Okay, calm your horses, self!

I was about to fall asleep while waiting for the scanlation to be loaded. But the moment I read that Maiyan took the photo, I FULLY AWAKE! I almost gasped so loud but thanks to the agility of my hand. It quickly covered my mouth. If not, I might wake my friends up (currently on sleepover ww).

Let’s get back and focus on the words “My oshimen” in the caption.
As far as I could dig in, Maiyan chose Ikuchan as her oshimen since the early days of Nogizaka. I found it from a magazine scanlation and a web portal interview. But I won’t write the details because I’m heating it up for my future blog post :3

Maybe it just me, but…okay. First, let me use my one of linguistic knowledge; pragmatics, to analyze the words of “My oshimen”.

I can feel the nuance that Maiyan is very proud of Ikuchan. Ikuchan is appearing in Japan’s and worldwide’s well known musical “Les Misérables”. It’s like Maiyan were implying, “Choosing Ikuchan as my oshimen is the right choice” or “Everyone, this multi-talented member of Nogizaka IS my oshimen”.

Well, those are merely my hypothesis. Please don’t take it seriously. Viva free-speech!

The thing is…it’s my relief that Maiyan didn’t oshihen to other member. Well, she almost did to Minami but i think Minami became her ni-oshi (2nd oshimen) ww.


Last one,


I just watched some bonus footage from the 3rd album. I watched this from “Nonaka’s Douga (Video)”.




It’s waaaaaay too beautiful that I might cry…


But if I cry,

It will worsen my runny nose.


Well, then.

I can barely open my eyes now. My apology if there are some mistypes in this blog post.
I’m typing in a room with the lights off.


See you again!

[SUB] NOGIBINGO! Ikuo Compilations

It’s been a month that I’m being a Nogizaka fan. And seeing Ikuchan’s danso in NOGIBINGO! 6 & 7 really makes me crazy. That’s why I created this video and subbed it. Feel free to share the video and spread the Ikuo-kun love to any fangirls out there!

I apologize if there are some grammar error in the sub. I translated it in the middle of night (around 2 a.m) after watching Nogizaka Koujichuu.



Translator note:

Tsundere is a Japanese term for a character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing a warmer side over time. The word is derived from the terms tsun tsun (ツンツン), meaning to turn away in disgust, and dere dere (デレデレ) meaning to become ‘lovey dovey’. source

Cross dressing of woman in men clothes


I also uploaded videos of NOGIBINGO! 1st season. Only interesting parts (with Ikuchan of course) in there so I suggest you to also watch the videos (no sub).

Part 1


Part 2


161029 Ikuta Erika’s Blog (Halloween〜don♪454) + Lalala♪Classic

Good evening.

As representatives of Nogizaka,
Maiyan, Naachan, Sayurin, Ikoma-chan and I
appeared at Christmas Jewellery Princess Award
and recieved the award two days ago!


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