[Sub] 151220 Bokura no Jidai (Sasshi, Takamina, Acchan)

I’m back with subtitles again! Not with fan fictions! Hell yeah! I know you guys hate me now orz

Guess I’ll be forever making you wait. But please accept this one as an apology for making you guys wait.


You can download the video from hello online. I’m currently rendering the video for the hardsub. But it might take ages to upload so…here I give you sub only.

ss (2015-12-21 at 07.31.33) ss (2015-12-21 at 07.31.44) ss (2015-12-21 at 07.32.46)

Download here

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Looks like the fonts I used for this sub didn’t appear in your media player so I really should upload the hardsub. And today I finally finished uploading the video. I couldn’t post the HQ one because my connection is a pain in the arse.

[SUB] 110508 Shin Domoto Kyoudai (Cut Scenes)

Hello everyone!

This time I came back with my new work as video subber. And to start this work, I subbed some cut scenes from SDK which Takamina became regular for the first time in this program. You can see the review in my old post here (download link currently inaccessible).

Since this is amusing, I’ll try to sub more SDK episodes (cut scenes only obviously) next time. But I think this new obsession is just yet another ‘running-away-from-reality’ activity. I’m stuck with my mini-thesis.

Anyway, enjoy the video!

[TR] Yukirin Live Phone Call

This is requested by @AtsuJo (on twitter)

So here comes my crappy translation!

Kojipa, Amina and Sae are waiting for someone to pick their call.

Sae: I think she will pick the call.

Kojipa: Yeah.

Amina: I think so.

Sae: Please be awake!

Sae: Who will pick up our call~?

Sae: I wonder if she’s listening to our broadcast~

Kojipa: Good morning~

Kojipa: Oh! It’s connected~!

Sae: This person doesn’t have a waiting-to-be-picked-up song.

Sae, Amina, Kojipa: Oh!!

Person on the phone line (POTPL): Hello?

Sae: Woaaaah!

Kojipa: Ooh!

Sae & Kojipa: Hello?

POTPL: Yes, hello?

Sae: Oh, wait a minute. Uhh… We are calling from Japan’s radio broadcast live. Do you know it?

POTPL: ….oh.

Sae, Amina, Kojipa: *laughs*

Sae: What are you doing?

POTPL: …eh?

Sae: Were you sleeping?

Kojipa: Eh?

POTPL: …uhm…

Sae: Do you understand this? What are you doing?

POTPL: ….good evening.

Kojipa, Amina, Sae: *laughs in confusion* Good evening.

Sae: Is she sleep-talking now?

POTPL: ….good evening.

Kojipa: Do you know us?

POTPL: ….i…do…

Sae: You can tell who are we?

POTPL: ….huh?

Kojipa, Amina: Guess who~?

Sae: It’s me!

POTPL: …’me’? Sae-chan?

Sae: Ooooh!

Kojipa: Then how about me, Kashiwagi-chan!

POTPL is now known as Yukirin: ….eh? ‘Kashiwagi’…?

Kojipa: Oops, I said her name!

*everyone laughs*

Kojipa: Aaaaaaaa~~!!!

Sae: Wait a secs, who are you?

Kojipa: The listeners couldn’t see her so I think they don’t know who we’re calling right now. *laughs*

Yukirin: There is only one person who calls me with “Kashiwagi” and that person is Kojima-san. *laughs*

Kojipa: Correct! That’s correct but I don’t really understand. ((ASAKSJDF KOJIPAAAAA!!))

Amina: Then who am I~?

Yukirin: ….eh?

Amina: Who am I~?

Yukirin: ….who?

Kojipa, Sae: *laughs*

Amina: Who am I~???

Yukirin: Uhm…

Amina: You’re always come and touch my stomach, right?

Yukirin: Oh! Sato Amina-chan.

Amina: Why did you notice me based on that!

*everyone laughs*

Sae: And so? What’s your name?

Yukirin: Uhm, my name is Kashiwagi Yuki.

Kojipa, Sae, Amina: Yukirin~~~

Yukirin: Hello, there.

Sae: It’s very rare that you’ve got a phone call from here. (? > not really sure about this one)

Yukirin: I was often picking calls from there. This is All Night Nippon, right?

Sae, Kojipa: Yes this is~

Sae: You know?

Yukirin: Oh! Uhm, I was planning to listen to it until a while ago.

Sae, Kojipa: Hm…

Yukirin: I didn’t know since when…I stopped listening.

Sae: You didn’t remember when?

Yukirin: I don’t know since when but I listened to a song. The title is “Watashi wa kore ga dekiru koto” or something like that.

Sae: What’s that?

Yukirin: “Watashi ga kore ga” or something like that.

Sae: Oh, right! “Kimi shika dekinai koto”. Yukirin, are you okay? Your voice sounds cracked. This is so unusual of you.

Yukirin: Well, yeah. My voice is broken lately.

Sae, Kojipa, Amina: Aaaaa…

Sae: That’s happened a lot, right?

Yukirin: Yeah…

Sae: Are you okay?

Yukirin: I’m okay. Don’t worry.

Sae: Really? By the way, we said it earlier about our topic tonight; “Yukirin ni shika dekinai koto” (The things that Yukirin can only do). Do you have any?

Yukirin: Oh. Okay, I get it. You guys heard it earlier, uhm…monomane. (Monomane=mimicking something)

Amina: You let us heard your monomane?

Kojipa: It was earlier!

Yukirin: Very well then. Please listen to my monomane carefully. I’ll mimic a sheep.

Sae: WHAT? You’ll mimic its voice??

Yukirin: Yeah.

Sae: Alright, alright. Go on then.

Yukirin: A sheep monomane.

Sae: A countdown to Yukirin’s sheep monomane.

Sae, Kojipa, Amina: 3, 2, 1!!!

Yukirin: *mimics a sheep’s voice*

Kojipa, Amina, Sae: *laughs*

Sae: Your voice was too loud! That’s the loudest voice I think.

Yukirin: Yeah. I put a lot of effort doing that.

Kojipa: Good job~ good job~

Sae: Great! As expected from Yukirin.

Yukirin: Oh, stop it…

Sae: Are you going to wake up very early tomorrow?

Yukirin: Tomorrow early—we have a same schedule tomorrow.

Kojipa, Amina: Yeah, with everyone too.

Kojipa: It’s very early, right?

Yukirin: I know, right?

Sae: Yukirin, make sure you’ll sleep properly.

Yukirin: Oh, thank you. But I’ll keep listening to your broadcast after this.

Sae: Shouldn’t you go to sleep after this? It will be bad for your throat if you sleep late. You have to be feeling better tomorrow.

Yukirin: Thank you very much.

Sae: Oh, yeah. Try to put on green onions around your neck to cure your sore throat before you sleep. (Reference)

Kojipa: I haven’t seen anyone did that method!

Sae: Really? *laughs*

Kojipa: But I’ve heard about that.

Amina: Me too. My Grandma told me.

Sae: Right, right. Wrap some green onions to your neck.

Yukirin: I see… Wrap it…

Sae: Yeah. You must do it, okay?

Kojipa: No~~ I don’t want to see Yukirin like that!

Sae, Yukirin: *laughs*

Sae: Please take care of yourself, okay?

Yukirin: Thank you

Amina, Kojipa, Sae: Oyasumiiiiii~~

Yukirin: Okaaaaay.

Sae: She’s a good girl.

*Amina and Kojipa agreed*

Sae: It’s so unusual to heard Yukirin with that kind of voice, right? It somehow makes me worried.

Kojipa: More importantly, is Yukirin usually doing monomane?

Sae: No, she doesn’t!

Kojipa: This is the first time I heard her doing monomane.

Sae: And she offered by herself; “I’ll mimic a sheep voice.”

Kojipa, Sae: *laughs*

Amina: Maybe she did it because she was half awake.

Kojipa: I was shocked that she really did it!

Sae, Amina, Kojipa: blahblahblah ((I couldn’t get what they said on the last part. Sorry))