Ikuta Erika Appears as Guest Actress in Fuji TV Drama “Gossip # Kanojo ga Shiritai Hontou no ◯◯◯”

Source: Fuji TV

It was revealed today (3/10) that Ikuchan will make a guest appearance in Fuji TV’s Thursday drama, Gossip # Kanojo ga Shiritai Hontou no ◯◯◯ for its last episode. This will be Ikuchan’s first drama appearance after graduated from Nogizaka46. This also her first time to appear in Thursday drama.

Ikuchan will play as Mukai Mio, a 21 years old college student who is heavily involved in in the final incident of “Camphor NEWS.”

Ikuta Erika’s comment

As your first appearance (in a drama) after graduated from Nogizaka46, how was the filming?
Now that I’m being told, I just realized about it (laugh). It was a valuable experience for me to take on the role of this time in the drama scene for the first time since I graduated. I also think it was a solid step for me in the future.

If you have any, please tell us an episode of you and Kuroki Haru-san in the filming location.
I met (Kuroki) Haru-san for the first time on this day, and she remembered, “It’s been awhile after Ichikei no Karasu, right?”. She gave me a candy to relief me (laughs). There was almost no interaction between us during “Ichikei“, but this time I was happy to be able to act together.

Please give a message to those who are looking forward to Ikuta-san’s appearance.
In this 10th episode that’s also final episode, various events are connected at once and collected. Mio, who I play, is one of those pieces, so I hope you can keep an eye on what kind of development it will be.


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