211231 Ikuta Erika’s Blog “Last Blog〜♪602”

Thank you very much 2021.
It’s new year soon.

And also, I will graduate from Nogizaka46.

At a special stage like Kouhaku,
I was given a chance to play piano to perform
“Kikkake” for the last time with members.

It has became an unforgettable memory!!

The times I’ve spent in Nogizaka,
Everyone’s existence whom I met at Nogizaka,
is my pride.

It will not be changed forever.

While embracing the warmth from everyone,
I will step onto a new path.

It’s saddening, it’s really saddening, but
I am laughing in happiness.

Thank you

Thank you everyone!!!

Thank you for 10 years.

Ikuta Erika



Last Mobame

This will be the last mail.

I have been always muttering roughly and being myself here (in mail).

Thank you very much
for encountering me as an idol
and for supporting me.

I wish for happiness to
everyone who made me happy.

I will keep wishing.

I love you.

From Erika.

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