[SUB] Karaage Shimai’s worries about their graduation concert

I think I’m still at denial stage about Ikuchan’s graduation. I still can’t believe she will leave Nogizaka46 in 19 days… Every morning I woke up from my sleep, I always wish that everything is just a dream. I struggled a lot how to editing so it’s impossible for me to build a time machine.

About this post, I received this question in my CC last month.

"Ikuchan said that she was working on the set list, doesn’t that mean she is the one choosing the songs? If that’s the case I might cry more lol" – by Anonymous

At first I was about to make a longer version of that ANN clips, but then I remembered that Macchun was also crying thinking about her graduation concert.

It’s so heartwarming to see the little sister is calming her big sister in that video…

And I’m glad Maichun, Ikuchan’s January 22nd shimai’s onee-san, was there when Ikuchan cried and worried about her graduation concert.

To answer the question, yes, Ikuchan is also working for the setlist. I think most of graduate members were taking huge part or even they decided the setlist(s) by themselves for their own graduation concert.

Ikuchan already experienced it for two MTV Unplugged lives. And both of them are amazing choices. That’s why I’m sure she won’t let us down. She said herself to Macchun that fans will be happy with anything Macchun wanted to do. She should be thinking the same for her own gradcon.

However, it seems that every graduating members felt the same. It’s gonna be their last as a part of Nogizaka46, so they wanted to do their utmost for fans and members. They’re so selfless /_;)


I teared up while subbing the video.

19 days left… And I feel so failed to focus on her and this website. I can’t blame my works and my health condition because it’s my fault that I cannot manage times well between works and fangirling.

Well, then. See you in a few hours I guess?

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