211124 Nogizaka46 appears in MTV’s traditional acoustic live!

“MTV Unplugged: Nogizaka46” A one-night-only performance from successive singles and best albums will be broadcasted from 20:00 on Sat, December 11th!

“MTV Unplugged” has been the pioneer of original and unique acoustic live performances with top artists from all over the world. As for Japanese production, leading artists such as Utada Hikaru, Hirai Ken, Nishino Kana, KinKi Kids, Hata Motohiro, etc. have appeared, and they have performed a bit different from the usual live performance.

Nogizaka46 will be on this traditional stage this time. On December 15th, they will release their first best album “Time files” to commemorate 10th anniversary of their debut, and they will appear on “MTV Unplugged”.

In this “MTV Unplugged”, Ikuta Erika who’s scheduled to be graduated from Nogizaka46 on December 31st, 2021, mainly sings in solo. Five members, Higuchi Hina, Kubo Shiori, Endo Sakura, and Kaki Haruka, also appear as guests.

The setlist was devised by Ikuta Erika herself, from the 10-year Nogizaka46 single songs such as “Hashire! Bicycle” and “Gomenne Fingers crossed”. They also cover a newly released song from the best album “Time flies”, “Saigo no Tight Hug” specially on that day. A total of 10 songs are performed in an acoustic arrangement for one night only.

Ikuta Erika sings all the songs, accompanied by a band of acoustic guitar, wood bass, drums, piano, and strings. Among them, Ikuta’s piano playing and scenes of collaborative singing with each member are studded, and the appearance of Ikuta Erika as a member of Nogizaka46 is documented.

After the performance, comments have arrived from Ikuta Erika.

–Please let us hear your thoughts after performing in “MTV Unplugged”

Before it started, I was very nervous, but as I sang, I felt that the live band and the singing voice were blending together. When I finished, I felt that I had a lot of fun. Also, the timing of my appearance this time was very big. “MTV Unplugged” in 2017 was my only solo live, but four years after that, I was very happy to be called again before graduating from Nogizaka46, and there are things that come up in my mind while singing.

–Please give a message to the viewers who watch the program

The acoustic arrangement makes Nogizaka46’s songs completely different from the usual atmosphere. There is also a collaboration with Nogizaka46’s members, so I hope you can look forward to it.

This valuable live performance will be broadcasted on MTV from 20:00 on Saturday, December 11th. In January the following year, a special program “Making of MTV Unplugged: Nogizaka46” is planned to be broadcasted, which includes rehearsals and backstage atmosphere.

In addition, a special program “MTV INSIDE: Nogizaka46 ~10th Anniversary~” will be broadcasted on BS Sukapa! to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Nogizaka46. Four broadcasts every month from December to March.

The memorable first broadcast focuses on Ikuta Erika, who has been active as a core member since founding to the present. She announced her graduation and will depart from the group on December 31, this year. While following her footsteps at Nogizaka46, she will convey her current feelings, future self, and feelings about Nogizaka46 in a newly shot interview. You can also see Higuchi Hina, Kubo Shiori, Endo Sakura, and Kaki Haruka who appeared on MTV Unplugged talking about Ikuta Erika.

Original article source: PR Times

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