[Request] Kubo Shiori Became Gian Ikuta’s Next Victim

Few weeks ago, an Anon in my cc asked me to translate this video. It was by chance that I also watched that video few days before Anon-san asked me.


However, since I don’t really have much time to sub anymore, this time, I will write down the translation (with some screenshots) from the video.

Please consider this as one of my last project for Ikuta Erika’s graduation :’)

So, without further-ado, let’s start it!

This is a clip from a live streaming in Nogizaka Streaming Now YouTube account. However, I haven’t watched the full version so I don’t know which episode and when was it aired.

In this clip, Manatsu were describing the position in “Kimi ni Shikarareta”.

Manatsu: The position this time, Ikuchan is next to me and then Kubo-chan is next to Ikuchan. Wait, it’s opposite, it should be (from left to right, her pov) me>Kubo-chan>Ikuchan. Usually, whenever Ikuchan near me, she always behaves like a Gian; bothering me (for no good reason). But this time (during KimiShika), she didn’t come to me… I thought, “Wow, this is unusual. Where did she go?”. And then when I saw her, she went to Kubo-chan (to bother her). Kubo-chan, you were her target, right?

Kubo: *laughs*

Manatsu: Kubo-chan was completely Ikuchan’s target!

Kubo: …indeed.

All: *laughs*

Kubo: The MV filming took two days, right? She kept bothering me for the whole two days–I’m happy, actually. I’m happy, but I felt like her bodyguard. She was like, “I can’t walk~”

All: *laughs*

Kubo: If I didn’t guide her like, “Please come this way.”, she wouldn’t walk.

Ume: That’s cute.

Manatsu: You were being held by her.

Kubo: Right.

Manatsu: I was thinking if Kubo-chan okay (with Ikuchan being a Gian to her). And when I saw the situation, Kubo-chan actually seemed okay with her. Kubo-chan looked so happy that time so…I’m entrusting her to you.

Kubo: Really?

Manatsu: Yeah.

Kubo: From now on, whenever we are in a music program, please come (and help me).

Manatsu: Umm, no. I’m entrusting my Gian to you.

All: *laughs*

The clip changed to preview of bonus footage from TYPE-D. It shows Ikuchan’s pretending to sing and Kubo’s clapping for her. Chima is there and laughing at Ikuchan’s randomness.

This reminds me of a thread in a certain matomember. Someone pointed it as “Gian Recital” lol. Hinachima once performed as “Shizuka” in Doraemon stage play. What a coincidence lol.

And then, the scene changed to where Kubo and Ikuchan are sitting together to talk to the cameraman.

Someone also pointed that Gian Ikuta snached away Kubo’s bracelet there.

I tried to cross check with the MV (since I haven’t watched the making video yet), and it really seems Kubo’s accessory. Although I couldn’t find a clear scene where the bracelet was showing.

Ikuchan’s right hand
Ikuchan’s left hand

Yup, it’s Kubo-chan’s. Lol.

Well, as long as Kubo-chan is having fun with Manatsu’s Gian Ikuta, I guess all is well.

We have come to a conclusion that Ikuchan is the true Gian but with a remarkable singing voice.

If you found some clips and want me to translate like this, please send to my Twitter’s DM or Curious Cat if you want to stay anonymous. However, I only accept clips under 5 minutes ^^;

Thanks for coming by!

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