Ikuta Erika x Hoshino Minami – “IkuMina” Talk in Nogizaka46 Shinbun 10th Anniversary Special

Illustrating some memorable scenes of Nogizaka’s 10th anniversary in a drawing that’s their specialty(?)

Ikuta Erika (24) and Hoshino Minami (23) who have spent 10 years in Nogizaka46 will illustrate some memorable scenes using a drawing that’s actually their specialty(?). Both of them are now indispensable existence of the group, but they said that there were times when they thought of leaving the group. They talked about some secrets and reasons why they are continuing as an active member in the group.

“Could it be…me?”

Hoshino Minami (M): *looks at an illustration drawn by Ikuta* I was thinking who could that be, is that me? *chuckles*
Ikuta Erika (E): Yeah. You had this kind of hairstyle, right? I think it was during the first Summer Tour (2013), right? You started saying that you liked skulls. I was so shocked to hear that. You also put on eyeliner like a crow…
M: You’re saying too much! You’re teasing me, aren’t you? *laughs*
E: Look at your illustration! Aren’t you using too many words in it? It should be an illustration!
M: Leave me alone!
E: Wow, this is unfair~ I’m jealous easily to Minami after all *laughs*

-There was a 10th year anniversary celebration in 1st day of Summer Tour Fukuoka concert during encore on August, 21th.

M: I watched the VTR during rehearsal with Chima (Higuchi Hina) and we teared up.
E: It was during “Gurukaa” (Guru-guru Curtain) for me (that got me teared up). It’s our start after all. That was the first time I was about to cry because of “Gurukaa“. I was taking in that moment of 10 years and singing it.
M: After the last song, “Kikkake“, I thought that Ikuchan would strangle me to death *laughs*.
E: No, no, Minami told me before the tour started, “You don’t interact with me lately.”, right? I thought, “Oh, maybe I was lack in showing my love to her.”, so I came to you a lot and interact but you rejected me!
M: No! That might look like I’m rejecting, but I AM accepting your interaction! That’s how I show that I’m happy!
E: I thought, “*in Kansai-ben* Which is it?” and strangled you more *laughs*.

I said, “I want to quit”

-You two are so close right now. You two were standing next to each other in the last audition result announcement and were chosen as temporary senbatsu members.

M: I remember that clearly. I asked, “which camera should I look at?” and Ikuchan said, “I have no idea.” or so like that… *laughs*
E: I was so cold that time. I’m sorry *laughs*. I was a class officer at school so I was a bit stiff and too serious. When she asked that, I was thinking, “this is already a job after all” and being all serious *laughs*. Now I realized that I was difficult to approach that time.
M: I know, right? In opposition, I didn’t even think it was a “job” for me. I was like, “Oh, wow, I passed the audition, how come?”. Ikuchan’s eyes were already charismatic *laughs*. I think your face expressions are more gentle now.
E: My eyes are originally slanted, but they’re dropping as my personality changes *laughs*.

-Ikuta-san’s tears during “Oide Shampoo” senbatsu announcement was quite impactful.

E: I was trying so hard that time. I was inflexible and being denial to anything that time. There was also time when I went to a staff and said that I wanted to quit.
M: What? That’s quick! Also, that’s new to me.
E: I thought that maybe it’s not fitting for me to be an idol. I thought that I’d quit soon after. I was sure that I’d have my coming of age in an ordinary place in near my house.
M: I feel sorry to hear that now. As for me, I thought, “Thank God, I’m in the 3rd row.~” that time after all. I thought that I wouldn’t get any spotlight and would get low exposure so I was glad *laughs*.
E: …yet both of us are still staying in the group now *laughs*.
M: Ikr? *chuckles*

-The reason of staying for 10 years…

E: It’s because of members, staffs, and fans that made us stay because they are making this place is comforting for us. I think that is one of good things that Nogizaka has. That’s why, no matter how many times I was thinking of quitting, in the end, I’m staying for 10 years.
M: Agree.
E: We talk a lot lately. Like in a dressing room.
M: Especially 1st gen members are talking a lot because the number of people keep decreasing.
E: We were kids back then in our early days after all.
M: Yeah *chuckles*.

Ikuta Erika (right) and Hoshino Minami (left) who illustrated impressive scenes in the group for 10 years

Nogizaka 10 years throwback with photos and explained by “IkuMina”!!

We created special huge page to commemorate Nogizaka46 10th anniversary. First gen members, Ikuta Erika (24) and Hoshino Minami (23) “IkuMina” duo, will explain every memorable scenes and reveal some secret episodes. It’s the overall of Nogizaka46’s history!

(T/N: I will translate only those moments that has “highlight” and IkuMina’s comments in it)

3. Saito Chiharu, Hoshino Minami, and Saito Asuka who were dancing in maid costumes during “Nogizaka46 Convention 2011” (November, 2011)
E: Maid costumes!
M: Ugh, I already erased it from my memory~ I’m sure Asuka will be angry if you talk about this with her.
E: Weren’t you girls singing that “turuttuttu~🎶” song, right?
M: What!? I don’t remember! It’s scary! *laughs*

7. They appeared as surprise guest in AKB48 Request Hour Best 100 2012 first day. (January, 2012)
M: After we appeared on the stage, Ikuchan led by greeting first. You were so dependable that time.
E: Did I? Wasn’t it a bit weird? Also, your “pat” (on Ikoma’s back).
M: That one was mysterious. I think that wasn’t me. I don’t even remember that I did that *laughs*.

10. Members who performed “Hashire! Bicycle” by riding bicycles on “16-nin no Principal” stage. (September, 2012)
M: This brings back memories. Ikuchan’s being good performer is the only memory I have for this one.
E: Don’t say that. Talking about “Principal”, “trois” came to my mind. You appeared on the stage while reading the script.
M: That is one of my trauma *laughs*.
E: But Director Fukuda were complimenting you that time. I think it’s only Minami who could do that.
M: You can remember the whole script after all.
E: No, no. I was jealous at you that time. You were a genius that time.

14. Hashimoto Nanami, Ikuta Erika, and Akimoto Manatsu were chosen as casts for a Movie under direction of Director Yamashita Nobuhiro doing peace signs. (February, 2013)
M: The movie audition were held during “Kimi no Na wa Kibou” MV filming. I really hate that time. I thought, “Just hurry up and choose Ikuchan as cast!”. “It’s only Ikuchan who fits the role after all!” or so like that *laughs*.
E: No, no, no, no, no. It wasn’t like that. But, you know, in that movie (“Chounouryoku Kenkyuubu no 3-nin“), Director Yamashita told me, “It’s too plain and boring. I’ll tell you the direction so we can create the right one every scene, but you have the right to say that you don’t understand”. He told me that few years ago, but his words are still alive in me.

23. Ikuta Erika who were taking hiatus due to pursuing her education appeared in Summer Tour last day. (August, 2014)
M: This one is when Ikuchan got back. You looked awesome. You were appeared from the back and fans were like, “Woaaaah~!”.
E: Oh, from the stairs, huh? I didn’t participate half of the tour, so I watched the rehearsal from fan’s seat. I thought, “Wow… Everyone is so sparkling!”, “They really are giving me strength!” or so like that. That was the first time I saw (members) as an outsider.

25. Shiraishi Mai and the others who were running on a stage-passage at Seibu Dome during 3rd anniversary concert. (February, 2015)
M: I remember this concert clearly. It was hella cold after all *laughs*.
E: Everyone really did their best. I really respect them. Everyone was like, “I’ll appear with this costume (without changing)! I’m sure my adrenaline can hold it (the coldness).” with beaming smile. I thought, “No, I can’t do this~!!”, but everyone was so amazing and they were like pulling me in (against the coldness).
M: I was shivering during an MC. My hands were stiffen. It was so tough that time *chuckles*. But, don’t you think our sense of unity was awesome after the concert ended?
E: It was. I think it was the only non-graduation concert that I cried after it ended *laughs*.
M: I think I want our kouhai members to experience that *laughs*.

29. Performing “Kimi no Na wa Kibou” in 66th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen. (December, 2015)
E: We were assured that Bananaman-san were in NHK hall as well.
M: You’re right.
E: They waved their hands at us and said, “Good luck!”. Thanks to them that our nervousness was somehow lessened. Also, we changed some choreo parts here, right?
M: Yeah, we practiced hard.
E: Since then, we didn’t rotate our hand in the chorus I think.

32. Hashimoto Nanami announced graduation in 2016. Hashimoto Nanami who came for a radio interview. (October, 2016)
E: Nanamin’s graduation announcement in a radio. I was there together with Reika and Nanami said, “I think both of you are not a sly person”. It was memorable to me. That’s why, whenever I was about to be sly, I always remember Nanamin’s words to stop myself and back to the right path *chuckles*.
M: You’re holding it! Good girl.

36. Matsumura Sayuri, Hashimoto Nanami, and Shiraishi Mai were holding together in Hashimoto Nanami graduation concert. (February, 2017)
E: We used all of our emotions on the 1st day that time so we were troubled after that.
M: I wanted Nanamin to be considerate after we cried! I was so ugly on 2nd and 3rd day *laughs*. Everyone’s eyes were swelling.
E: It was awful. All the more, the 1st song on the 1st day was “Sayonara no Imi“. We cried already in the 1st song.

37. Inoue Sayuri, Ikoma Rina, Saito Asuka, and Shinuchi Mai gave a surprise visit to a school that became a model for “Asahinagu” theater version. They performed rhythm naginata with Naginata Club members. (April, 2017)
M: Ikuchan was having movie and musical schedules at the same time, you seemed having hard time.
E: I’m thankful for being busy.
M: I, Kazumin, and Manatsu weren’t chosen for either theater and movie of “Asahinagu”. The others (casts) are busy so we decided to do our best for interviews and hit prayer!

38. Bananaman Himura Yuuki appeared as surprise guest in Summer Tour Jingu concert, Nishino Nanase on the left and Shiraishi Mai on the right. (July, 2017)
E: Don’t you think we spent a lot of time in studio for “Influencer” choreo training?
M: Yeah. I couldn’t do properly even once so I went back to dressing room and I remember that clearly. I decided to try the choreo alone *laughs*.
E: Everyone had one dance instructor to teach them, but we couldn’t do well and that made the situation awkward… *laughs*
M: Members were leaving one by one. There were some who cried as well… *laughs*
E: Now I want to apologize to the dance instructor *laughs*.

42. Masterpiece performance at Japan Record Awards. (December, 2017)
M: After we were done with our 1st performance, everyone went back to dressing room and were like, “We are the best!” “It was amazing!”. The dance instructor were also complimenting us.
E: Seishiro-san (dance instructor) were also supporting us mentally, right?

48. Shiraishi Mai who was crying in happiness after performing “Synchronicity” as their 2nd song to receive Japan Record Awards. (December, 2018)
E: I thought that it’s impossible to win Japan Record Awards consecutively, so I was so moved even more when we won for the 2nd time. The memory I had after we received the award and then performing, when we made way and let Maiyan to the center position, I saw Naachan and Maiyan looked at each other. Their expressions was so precious and that made my tears flowing even more.
M: As for me, I saw our managers and staffs were clapping their hands for us. I was so touched by that.

52. Sakurai Reika was singing her solo song in her graduation concert and then crying when members approached her with smiles. (September, 2019)
E: We took a commemorative photo together a day before. When someone said, “Okay then, see you tomorrow”, Reika said, “Oh… I can’t say that anymore from now on…” and cried. All of us were also crying. Manatsu was wailing *laughs*.
M: Manatsu IS always crying. She never thinks about the next day and just crying. Her eyes were swollen the next day *laughs*.

Nogizaka46 Shinbun 10th Anniversary Special Edition
September, 17th 2021 released.
JPY450 (tax included)
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  1. Thank you so much for the translations!
    10 years!! Wow, they endured it well. Now both Ikuchan and Minami are soon leaving the group, I wish both of them nothing but happines in life. Thank you for all these years. May we meet again.


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