Ikuta Erika’s Interview in Shiraishi Mai’s Memorial Magazine (+some extras)

Ikuchan’s interview “Talk About Her”

Partial translation of SayuMai interview where they mentioned Ikuchan

―A strong jealousy and desire to monopolize?! A complicated relationship of “SayuMai”

Q: We heard that both of you are the best couple in Nogizaka46 since you two have an intimate relationship.
Mai: We get a lot from fans who said, “I love you two together!” and before we know it, people are calling us “SayuMai”.
Sayu: They also call us “Baka Couple”
Mai: Oh, right (lol)
Sayu: But there is one difficult problem. You know…
Mai: What is it?
Sayu: You’ve become popular everywhere.
Mai: Hahaha, stop it!
Sayu: Same gen members and juniors, everyone loves Maiyan. And Maiyan is a type a person who will love back those people who give their love to her.
Mai: Yeah, because I genuinely happy for them to interact with me that way.
Sayu: See? That’s why it’s a difficult problem for me.
Mai: Why?
Sayu: Because I cannot monopolize you.
Mai: Hahahaha!
Sayu: Umechan is interacting with you intensely lately.
Mai: Since I announced my graduation, Umechan felt that she can’t be with me for a long time. That’s why she frequently comes at me to talk.
Sayu: She was all considerate and didn’t approach you when we were together before!
Mai: Was she?
Sayu: Yes! But lately she secretly approaches you behind my back and even takes a photo together. I was like, “Oh, they’re together again?!” a lot lately. And when I wasn’t on guard, Momoko also approached you intensly!
Mai: Your jealousy is something else (lol)

Q: There is also IkuMai; Ikuta Erika-san and Shiraishi-san’s ship.
Sayu: Oh, yeah. To me, only IkuMai is different. Other members’ love towards Maiyan are strong but Maiyan’s love towards Ikuchan is even stronger. And I think that’s kind of unfair!
Mai: So you think you can’t win against Ikuchan?
Sayu: But I can’t feel any jealousy whenever I see “IkuMai” interactions and it’s rather precious to me. That’s why I think their bond is amazing so I’m allowing it.
Mai: She’s allowing it (lol)
Sayu: I love IkuMai♡

Message from Ikuchan to Maiyan

Q: A memorable episode with Shiraishi-san.
Erika: She has been always saying that I am her oshimen since early days and I am so happy to know that. She will always be an oneesan whom I’m looking up to, but after 9 years, even though we have an age gap, but as members from same gen, I think our bonds and affections are getting deeper.
About a year ago, when I couldn’t do promotions in the group with her, she said, “I don’t like it when you’re not around” to me and it was leaving a huge impression in me. I’m glad to know that she needed me and I was wrapped with a strange feeling that I’d do my best whatever it takes for her sake… Somehow my heart is throbbing… Is this…love?

Q: Your first impression when meeting Shiraishi-san for the first time.
Erika: Since the audition I looked at her and thought that she is a goddess but the first time we talked to each other was in a waiting room for a meeting after passed the audition and before debut. I was so nervous because I didn’t know how to interact with a goddess and I didn’t have any nickname that time. But she said, “Can I call you Erika?” to me and I was so happy. When we parted, she said “Bye-bye, Erika♡” with her smile and I will never forget that for the rest of my life. I involuntarily added the ♡ part because that’s popped in my mind when she said that. She is very sociable so I’m feeling safe with her and I admire and love her at the same time.

Q: How do you describe Shiraishi-san in a word?
Erika: She is born to be and already a star. Not only outside, she is also beautiful inside. Thanks to her for being a down-to-earth front-liner that Nogizaka has become a considerate group.

Q: I love these parts of Shiraishi-san
Erika: ・Her cuteness and beauty’s coexistence, ・Her senses from head to toe, even her belongings, are extraordinaire, ・She will play along to any kind of trivial things like peel off eyelids, breathing relays, and some random humming, ・She’s slim but she eats a lot joyfully, ・Her hair buns looks so precious lately, even though I was in a middle of a schedule I kept murmuring “Cute… So cute…” when I saw her,・Kind, ・Her way of taking communication is cheerful and polite.

Q: Message to Shiraishi-san
Erika: Thank you for leading Nogizaka46 this far. I respect her for always being sincere and have sense of responsibilities with the works given to her. I also admire her for being a kind and reliable oneesan to me. Her laughs and being all clingy to me are so lovely. We’ve been together for 9 years and I like every sides of her even deeper. I’m glad we met… It’s my happiness to be able to witness her shining in Nogizaka46 right beside her… The memories of joys and sorrows we’ve been through will forever be my treasure. Mai-chan, I LOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!

Message from Maiyan to Ikuchan

To: Ikuta Erika
Since the first time we met until now, she has always been my oshimen! She’s so multi-talented and she has so many things that I don’t, that’s why I respect her. Her performance in the musical is surpassing the rest and glowing. You can’t take your eyes off of Ikuchan as an expressive idol. She is a hard worker and diligent but also a natural airhead and it’s one of her charms. She also has a shoot through variety show skills that can make the show amusing. I love everything about Ikuchan. Even after graduation, my oshimen is forever Ikuchan!

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