[ Maiyan’s 2018 Seitansai Project ] 100 Questions About Maiyan (Part 2)

Q21. People you’re respecting.
A. My parents.

Q22. Things you are never miss to do.
A. To use a vacuum cleaner.

Q23. Your dream when you were a kid.
A. A florist and a stylist.

Q24. Your favorite onigiri’s filling.
A. Seasoned kelp and dried salmon. Those two are Shiraishi family’s specialty. My mother used to make it for me.

Q25. What did you eat for breakfast today?
A. Fruits sandwich.

Q26. Is there any words you cherish that were told by someone?
A. “Don’t forget to be thankful”. On my 20th birthday, my mother sent me a lengthy message. It was the first time for me since I joined Nogizaka46.

Q27. Member of Nogizaka that you wanted to try to be just for a day.
A. Manatsu! She is very feminine. She can cook and good with handicraft. She has something I don’t have like her ability of quick thinking in variety shows! That’s why I want to try those abilities by to be her even just for a day!

Q28. Which part do you wash first when showering?
A. Hair. Basically I wash from head first. When it comes to make-up cleanse, I’m using cleansing oil for make-ups near my eyes. I’m using milk type cleanser to cleanse other parts.

Q29. Your best specialty that you believe no one could beat.
A. My wrists are so flexible. I can rotate them in circle.

Q30. Song that you must sing in a karaoke.
A. Nishino Kana’s “Kono Mama de”. I sang that song in Nogizaka46 audition.

Q31. When you think that you’ve gained weight, what do you do?
A. Firstly I’ll review my diet. I’ll minimize my carbohydrate intake and focus my diet to vegetables.

Q32. What do you eat to reward yourself?
A. Meats! I really like pork belly. I like fried pork belly wrapped round sliced onions, meat rolled vegetables…they are ultimately delicious.

Q33. What do you do to recharge yourself when you feel down?
A. I usually eat when I’m feeling down. We can power up by eating, don’t you think so?

Q34. First thing(s) you do when you wake up in the morning.
A. Firstly, I turn off my alarm. Then to fully wake myself up, I take a warm shower. It also helps me to warm my body.

Q35. 3 things you hate the most in this world.
A. Cockroaches, narrow spaces, and celery.

Q36. Which one do you prefer? Being funny or being straight man?
A. Definitely straight man.

Q37. What will be your first drink in a girls’ party?
A. If it’s alcoholic, I’ll have plum wine soda.

Q38. What will you do if you have a bad day?
A. I talk to someone. Or eat something yummy.

Q39. Things you’re collecting unintentionally.
A. Socks. I have some with lame cloth on them and simple colored ones as well lately. I’m wearing socks everyday so I buy without second thought if I saw the ones I like.

Q40. Your strong point.
A. I’m energetic since morning everyday!

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