Ikuta Erika’s Blog English Translation (2018.02.16)

Production Announcement~♪ 524

Good evening

Mozart’s production has been announced yesterday!

5 people with the role of Wolfgang and Constanze ♪

I was nervous of course,
But Senpai Ikusaburou-san and Aya-san gave me their warm encouragement and cheered me up.
And also, Romijuri’s Furukawa-san and Haruka-san presence puts me at ease.

Rehearsals will be coming soon.
There are so many things I haven’t come to understand yet,
But as I communicate with everyone
I’ll give my best so that we can make this stage play the best!

For me, this is really a big challenge.
Role of Constanze which only I can do
And to discover a new side of me
I’ll accept this challenge with all my strength!

It seems that the production has been renewed a little.
So please look forward to it


I thought of an outfit with black and white color so that it would fit with Constanze’s outfit
I’m wearing this to look like matured.


A weird posture with my whole body

Erika (。・∀・。)☆彡

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