Nogi_Satsu Vol. 42 Translation

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Nogi_Satsu Vol.042

NogiSatsu, the popular series, gets into the trend every week. Pictures that were taken by the members as they reveal their natural selves have been made public.

Weekly Photographers-01
Nature Girl from Fukuoka – Yoda Yuki
“The movie I’m starring in, ‘Mob Psycho 100’, will start airing on January next year! It is my first time so I’m really nervous, but I will do my best!”
Her 1st Photobook “Hinata no Ondo” (Gentosha) has been released on December 26th.

Weekly Photographers-02
Neat Japanese Style Beauty – Higuchi Hina
“Ozono Momoko, who I wasn’t able to meet recently, sent me a voice message saying, “It’s alright to hug me”. I’m so healed <3″

Nogizaka46’s Under Album will be released next year, on January 10.

Weekly Photographers-03
Fashion Leader Personality – Itou Marika
“I only have a little time before I graduate from Nogizaka46. I want to spend and enjoy my time with the members until the very end.”

She will be graduating from Nogizaka46 by the end of the year.


Ozono Momoko
Tomato lover Momoko. It’s delicious, right? It seems like Taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped cake) is one of her favourite food too.
📷 Higuchi Hina

Shinuchi Mai
Mai-chan, who is older than me, is a reliable person for me. She knows a lot about trivial things too (lol)
📷 Higuchi Hina

Itou Riria
When we were in a middle of the lesson, she randomly caught my attention so I aimed for her. Her looks like typical of middle school student. ❤
📷 Yoda Yuki

Etou Misa
Misa has an experience of being an Under member, so I often ask her for advices. 📷 Higuchi Hina

Saito AsukaAkimoto Manatsu
When I was trying to take a picture of Asuka, Manatsu suddenly gets in. These two are good friends, aren’t they? 📷 Itou Marika

Iwamoto Renka
When I showed my forehead, the youngest member Renka told me, “You’re like a baby!” (lol) 📷 Yoda Yuki

Ozono MomokoKitano Hinako
Kitano-san is getting along well with Momo-chan. She even gives me clothes; she’s so kind 📷 Yoda Yuki

Ikuta Erika
I was able to take a nice shot, but she actually kept spinning around (lol) 📷 Itou Marika

Wakatsuki YumiAkimoto Manatsu
Whenever we have a free time, we always play UNO which Macchun always brings. 📷 Itou Marika



Shiraishi MaiMatsumura SayuriAkimoto ManatsuEtou Misa
These Onee-sans who keeps absorbing meat’s power in full throttle!
During live, the staff bought skewered meat for us. The older members went for a bite and they were so cute. In Nogizaka46, it seems like the older members tend to be much nosier when eating. While the younger members are more like, quiet (lol). Performing in live requires physical strength, and I love it when the members get energy from the meat. I have a lot of memories when members get sweaty from dancing and singing in concerts. To think that I won’t be able to perform with these many members anymore, it gets me deeply emotional~ 📷
Itou Marika
#Older Members             #Meat Festival

Ikoma Rina
Her way of living is cool!
Me and Ikoma are in the same age. When I saw her after a long time, she dyed her hair into blonde for her stage play! I thought that Ikoma-chan’s way of living is cool. Wearing uniform under the hoodie jacket is so great! 📷 Itou Marika
#Ikemen              #Ikoma-kun

Yoda YukiTakayama Kazumi
Yoda-chan, the winner for Big Eyes Contest
For some reason, Kazumin challenged Yoda-chan for Big Eyes Contest. She said, “I don’t even open my eyes at all~” Of course, she would lose (lol). Rather than a mother, Kazumin’s love for Yoda-chan is like grandmother’s love 📷
Itou Marika

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