Nogi_Satsu Vol. 37 Translation

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#Nogisatsu became a trending topic on social media! We will present you some rare offshots.

Weekly Photographers-01
A girl who loves to talk – Saito Yuuri
“Recently, I’ve been into cleaning and changing the design of my room.To have a change of mood,  I’ve decided to change my curtain
so I bought a new one.”
  Saito Yuuri is currently a personality of Radio “Nutty Radio Show THE SOUL(NACK5).

Weekly Photographers-02
Performing Artist – Wakatsuki Yumi
“Smart Moteryman Kouza”is currently being held,  which is directed by the famous Fukuda Yuichi  who is also the screenwriter of the movie “Gintama” and “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K!” 1st Photobook “Palette” (Shueisha) is now on sale!
Weekly Photographers-03
Neat Japanese Style Beauty – Higuchi Hina
“Because of Ozono Momoko’s influence, I’m now having fun playing the Nintendo DS that I’ve bought a long time ago.” The Under Album of Nogizaka46, in which Higuchi Hina is included, will be released next year, on January 10. 
She looks very mature so I thought she is in high school now, but I was surprised to know that she is only a 3rd year in middle school! 📷 Higuchi Hina
She’s seriously scanning “Delicious Meat”. I want Big Eater Project to be held someday. 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
A sexy adult Misa, showing a “You can’t~ <3” pose! 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
It’s so cute to see her hugging herself as she’s being shy ❤ ! I’m envious of her nice style! 📷 Saito Yuuri
Yoda-chan wearing Pikachu’s ears. We’ve been talking to each other recently. 📷 Higuchi Hina
Momoko and Asuka playing games while seating on the hallway. Let me join too~! 📷 Higuchi Hina
Those two that have been caught by Manatsu are showing an awkward expression. It’s so cute (lol) 📷 Higuchi Hina
Kazumin stretching her eyes (lol). When I showed her the picture, she laughed. 📷 Saito Yuuri
She has a strong image of always having serious expression, but when she smiles, it is really cute! 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi           
Birthday Surprise for Asuka on Sendai Tour!
Asuka’s birthday was on the day before the “Manatsu no Zenkoku Tour” on Sendai starts, so we presented her a wonderful cake. “It’s only in times like this~”, she said happily as she’s being surrounded by us. I’m
glad that we were able to celebrate. Asuka is in the same generation as me. She is younger than me, but I don’t feel that she is an imouto. She’s so
small and cute, but can be a very reliable person too. Anyway, I was curious about the character printed on Asuka’s T-shirt, so I asked her, “What’s that?” and she answered, “I don’t know” (lol).
📷 Saito Yuuri
#Contest  #Desperate #Birthday  #Cake
Discovering Nanase sleeping while she listents to music
When I suddenly looked at her,  Naa-chan was in a deep sleep. While I’m
thinking of saying “Otsukaresama~” to her, I’ve pushed the shutter (lol) The earphone was seating well in her ears, that’s why she won’t wake up. When I heard a little bit of what she’s listening into, I’ve heard a lively song. I felt that she’s really sleeping well, isn’t she?
📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
Momoko’s overflowing love for tomatoes.
Momoko has her super favorite tomatoes putted in a box (lol). I also love tomatoes, so sometimes I get some. Recently, I’ve been borrowing Momoko’s stuffed toy “Garusuke” and when I was hugging it, “Yuri-san,
do you need that right now?” she said. It seems that she wanted me to return it to her (lol)
📷 Saito Yuuri   
#Favorite food #Tomato
Translation: ikuuudon
Raw text provider: inchan
Check & revisions: inchan
Scanlation source: 2ch
Sorry if the post is a little messy. Checker was feeling unwell and just got back from overwork m(_ _)m Backnumber volumes’ translation will be released as well so stay tuned! o/

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