Nogi_Satsu Vol. 36 Translation

Popular Series of Nogizaka46*
Members can scoop the moments because they are able to witness the happenings between them.
Weekly Photographers – 01
Performing Artist – Wakatsuki Yumi
“My 1st Photobook ‘Palette’, which took place in the passionate country, Spain, has been released! Everyone, please check it out.”
Wakatsuki Yumi is currently performing in the stage play “Smart Moteryman Kouza”.
Weekly Photographers – 02
Fashion Leader Personality – Itou Marika
“I’ve already announced my graduation, but I’ll do my best until the end. I won’t forget the memories I share with the members for 6 years!”
Graphic Design Magazine “Monthly MdN” is currently being serialized.
Weekly Photographers – 03
A 170cm Beautiful Woman with an Excellent Style – Umezawa Minami
As I improve my talk, I want to try being a radio personality someday. It is my dream to be a model as I take advantage of my height.” Among the 3rd Gens, Umezawa Minami is mostly being relied on when it comes to MC.
Pulling Yoda Yuki’s cheeks! She’s so cute that I always want to tease her (lol) Photo by Umezawa Minami
Naa-chan hugging the refrigerator. I wonder if there are some important foods that have been kept in there? Photo by Wakatsuki Yumi
With a 3 years gap, she’s someone I can rely on. We are often assigned to be in charge of MC. 📷Umezawa Minami
Recently, it has been booming that Macchun started to bring UNO and plays it📷Itou Marika
Misa is feeding the mischievous Mai-chan with her chopstick. Is this an indirect kiss!? 📷Wakatsuki Yumi
Just like a baby, Momoko is greatly loved by everyone. But she often supports me too. 📷Umezawa Minami
I love the expression Hinachima shows when she is caught off-guard. She is a very reliable person for me. 📷Itou Marika
Renka, who can always sleep anywhere. And when she wakes up, she becomes very active! 📷Umezawa Minami
JK (High school) uniform that suits a 24 years old, Yucchan. Ikuchan, who’s behind her, is also cute. 📷Itou Marika
Weekly Buzz!
At the backstage, where members stayed after a hot live, are concerned about…
It was very hot at the venue of the concert, everyone were so sweaty. When I pointed the camera to the 4 people who happened to be there, Minami and Waka were wiping out Naa-chan’s sweats. Since it was really hot there, I felt like want to say “Hurry, I want to take off my clothes!”. But I guess it’s all worthy to hold this hot live. After I graduate, I can’t do
a live together with the others. So, starting with this year’s “National Summer Tour”, I think I was able to enjoy fully any kinds of activities together with them!
📷Itou Marika #Concert # Backstage # Sweat
Saito Asuka                    
Asuka’s Horror Show?
There was a black curtain at the backyard of the live venue. And as I wait, Asuka’s face appeared from the black curtain… It kinda look like a horror, I was scared (lol). But since she seems to be  good with this kind of “Monoboke”, she’s really into it. It was so cute. 📷Wakatsuki Yumi
Asuka who came from different dimension
Cunningly cute Manatsu Roll
While I‘m wrapping the scarf aound her, she gave me a look that says, “Hey, isn’t this cute?”, and since I didn’t have any choice, I took a picture of her (lol). Manatsu’s strong character is really the best within the group. It’s really different when she’s around and not. 📷Itou Marika
#Cunningly #100%                                               
*We are sorry that we can’t upload the full scan here in our blog. We uploaded the cropped ones on imgur instead for some reason. We just try to comply what is said on the article (which we didn’t put the translation of the certain words). We just want to share how interesting this article is. So starting this week, we will deliver the translation of Nogisatsu with this format. Thank you for your understanding m(_ _)m
Translation: ikuuudon
Raw text provider: inchan
Check & revisions: inchan
Scanlation source: 2ch

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