[Fanfic] Sayonara no Imi

Sayonara no Imi
Author/Original story: Kounin Kaiwashi
Translator(s): ikuuudon & inchan
Perform Checker & BETA: inchan
Summary: A story based on Sayonara no Imi’s music video
Genre: Friendship, Drama, Songfic
Characters: Nanami, Nishino Nanase, Asuka, Mai, Sayuri
Part One
– Prologue (Blue)
– Prologue (Red
– 1
– 2
– 3
– 4
Part Two
– 5
– 6
– Epilogue (Red)
– Epilogue (Blue)
– Each post contains some bandwidth killer gifs.
– Translator (inchan) acquired the author’s approval directly via their blog to translate this story from Japanese to English.
Enjoy the story and kindly leave your thoughts about it!

Author: inchan

A simplicity simpleton

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