[SUB] 170919 Kayou Surprise (Ikuchan and Maiyan part)

UPDATE (2017/09/21 6:22PM)

Hardsubbed video DDL link

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(Note: This post is supposed to be published yesterday. But due to many circumstances, it got delayed. And sorry for some miss translations.)

Aww yiss! OTP together as guest stars in a TV show! ❤

Nah, I guess I won’t be too hyped this time. Because…well, as you can see, Maiyan is crying there. So many meanings behind those tears. But I guess it’s kinda hard for me to interpret. Is it because she was thinking about leaving the group that made her broke into tears when the diviner told her that, “This is still the beginning of Nogizaka’s era”?

I don’t know. And I’d rather not to talk about graduation. I’m fed up.

I’ll just positively think that she was holding those tears because what the diviner said about her is right. She really is giving her best for the group. She isn’t thinking about herself. She always thinks about the group. Even though she didn’t say that directly, I knew, we, fans knew that.

Well, for now…

I’ll just pray for myself so I can get the Tokyo Dome Concert ticket.

Aaaaand….. Maybe I’ll spend some minutes to stare at their back appearances.

Ufufu~ ❤

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7 thoughts on “[SUB] 170919 Kayou Surprise (Ikuchan and Maiyan part)”

      1. Just play the video here. You can’t watch it in dailymotion page since I’m setting it as private video. You can only watch it in this post.

        If your problem is none of I mentioned above, please give me a screenshot the appearance of this post on your screen. Then I’ll try to fix the problem.


  1. hahaha. i forget that guy name, but i will do the same if i was in his position. lol.

    i love maiyan too. my feeling to her just like ehara said. she is a hard worker and secretive at the same time. maybe her past still lingering, but i pray the best for her.

    as for ikuchan, no more i can say. i love her everything. hahahaha


    1. that guy whose oshimen is Ikuchan? his name is Fujimori Shingo.

      let’s support Maiyan, and of course Nogizaka46 entirety no matter what!

      and yes. everything about Ikuchan is lovely and adorable ❤


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